Healthy Kinder International, LLC

Promoting healthy lifestyles for families

About Us


Who We Are

Our Team is a multi-disciplinary Team of Health, Wellness and Public Health Experts who promote healthy lifestyles through interactive evidence-based culturally sensitive training, tailored prevention programs and Public Health Solutions for community leaders and businesses.  

We also provide expert speakers for conferences and virtual summit events. 

Mission And Vision

Our Mission

Promoting healthy lifestyles for families as individuals, groups or employees, using various learning modalities and training platforms to enhance overall physical and mental well-being. 

Our Vision

Our mission is to help local governments, businesses, faith-based communities and social organizations promote physical and mental health awareness, education and prevention programs to improve the overall quality of life of each individual in every community.

Our Leadership

Healthy Kinder International, LLC is led by Dr. Astril Webb, M.D. who is a Senior Healthcare Professional,  Global Trainer,  Human Rights Consultant, Public Speaker and Distinguished Community Leader.  Her passion to eliminate health disparities, empower leaders in communities through transformational leadership and her altruistic desire to empower all people in all nations has led to the organization's success in Global Prevention and Public Education Initiatives.

Thank you to our amazing supporters and sponsors over the years!

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