Healthy Kinder International, LLC

Promoting healthy lifestyles for families



Healthy Kinder, International, LLC is a full service training, consulting and executive coaching organization providing 

culturally competent and excellence in training small, medium and large organizations.

Examples of service areas are listed below:

• Health and Wellness Initiatives

• Leadership Coaching

• Team Building and Diversity Training

• Strategic Planning and Organizational Development for Nonprofits

• Healthcare Integrative Framework Development

• Staff Development

• Stress Management

• Employee Wellness Programs


• Decades of Leadership in Health and Wellness Industry

• Leadership in Training and Technical Assistance in Health and Outreach Programs

• Cultural Competency Excellence 

• Certified Mental Health First Aid and Training Instruction

• Multi-Disciplinary and Evidence-based Training Approaches

• Proven track record of Impactful Health Promotion and Community-wide Wellness

• Interactive and Creative Training Modules for various Learning Styles

• Engaging course delivery and coaching customized to excel client expectations

• Excellence in Client Service Delivery: Groups, Train-the-Trainer and Individualized Coaching


Provided leadership in training Community Health Centers & Clinics and Healthcare Services

• Led training workshops for Federal Government Agencies

• Provided consultation and training workshops for State and Local Governments and Associations

• Created Health and Wellness Programs for all campuses of Melwood (Individuals with Disabilities)

• Led training workshops for Foreign Commissions and Organizations in Other Countries

• Provided workshops for several nonprofits: faith-based organizations, community based and social service organizations

Speaking Engagements - Global Summits, National Conferences and Motivational Speaker.


Employee Performance Improvement & Family Self-Sufficiency 

• Effective Board Leadership and Board Leadership Training for Nonprofits

• Overcoming Stress for Leadership Teams and Employees

• Effective Communication: Improving Interaction and Relationships

• Conflict Resolution and Team Building: TEAMING for Excellence

• Cultural Competency and Diversity Training

• Employee Wellness Series Programs

• Building Community Trust: Strategies that Work

• Adult Mental Health First Aid Certification and Re-certification

• Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification and Re-certification

• Senior Mental Health Awareness

• Veteran Mental Health Awareness

• “Introduction to Mental Health” Series: Addressing specific issues of youth, adults and seniors

• Healthy Eating Courses: “Families Adopting Healthy Lifestyles”, Cooking for Flavor, health and balance

• Anti-obesity Programs for Youth and Adults

• Conquering Chronic Disease Series: Strokes, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Urinary Incontinence and Kidney Disease, Prostate Health, Hygiene and Flu Prevention, Healthy Homes in Public Housing, Bullying and Domestic Violence Prevention, Pain Management

• Healthy Aging and Overcoming Fear of Older Adults

• Family, Marriage and Divorce: Blended Families Support Series

• Working with Individuals with Disabilities: The Caregiver’s PEARLS

• Substance Use and Addiction: Teens and Adults series programs

• Mental Health awareness workshops for all ages

• Girls And Women In Leadership (GAWIL): Transformational Community Leadership series